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Before I incorporated nutritional cleansing and nutritional rebalancing into my life I was tired, moody, withdrawn, overweight and had just about given up. After each child, it was harder to lose weight. Being an RN and a Certified Fitness Trainer I thought I could do it on my own, my way. I had tried everything, every fad diet, hitting the gym, counting calories and pretty much starving myself. I figured that I had to settle, this was life for me. I figured I would just continue to hide behind sweats and oversized clothing. While this was all going on in my head I had been watching a friend lose weight and feel great. She would try to talk to me about it and I would put her off. I would say, I can do it. One day I had enough, I thought if I could do it why hadn't I. The next 30 days changed my life. What you can't see in my 30-day transformation is that my only regret was not investing in myself sooner.

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